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Lee Kuei Chih  Taiwan

Moon nest

The "moon" has a great influence on the earth and human life. It affects the changes of the earth's tides, and also makes the flow of the atmosphere have certain rules, and creating a stable ecological environment and climate making life more suitable for survival.

I use "Nest" as a symbol of the environment we live in, and use "Moon" as a representation of the laws of nature. I found my work's location with a small stone and create a new moon fall down to the nest in the forest here. Trying to use the poetic images to tell the flow of life and harmonious symbiosis, and emphasize the importance of the natural environment in today's rapidly changing world.

Slow down

Materials: Bamboo, Sisal rope

Size: 250cm(L)x50cm(W)x100cm(H)

Location: The forest of the Tsukuba, Japan

Year: 2018


This is a bamboo hammock and also a sculpture with the simple lines.

Lying on it, slow down in our busy life, returning to the quiet heart of nature.

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